Amelia and Jose Engagements

             It is always a joy to photograph an engagement session.  For me, it not only reminds me of how special this time is for a couple, but it is also a celebration.  A celebration of beginning a life together, of love, and of the planning process.  Amelia and Jose are a fabulous example of a couple in the midst of this glorious time.
            As soon as Amelia and I talked about their engagement session I knew a special location was in order.  She is a woman who likes things to have flare.  It is a concept that has consistently shown up in their wedding planning.  We all felt that San Francisco would be the ideal location.  The city’s options are countless.  The Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge are not only iconic San Francisco landmarks, but they would provide us with numerous options, while maintaining a subtle flair and panache. 
            As soon as I arrived I knew our session was meant to be.  It was one of those rare SF weather days that we in the Bay Area cherish.  My heart soared!  It was 67 degrees with enough breeze to blow out the smog and clouds, leaving behind glorious blue skies.  And not to brag to those of you stuck in the snow, but this was JANUARY!  Yup, January.  We hit the Golden Gate Bridge at the perfect time.  As the sun was setting, the bridge was in fact golden.  Swoon!
            Thank you again Amelia and Jose.  I am so excited to present your photos.  It was an absolute dream spending the afternoon with you both, and I am glad to have introduced you to one of my favorite parts of San Francisco.  
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AmeliaMarch 12, 2012 - 9:33 pm

Hi Yvette, Jose and I want to Thank you for such a beautiful experience. You made us feel comfortable and we really enjoyed the experience. Thank you for the beautiful location options, ideas, flexability and your support. You’ve are amazing. I look forward to our future sessions with you!… Amelia

Styled Session: Back to School With Josiah, Katrina, & Hudson

This session took place a while back.  But with the holidays and pulling together a new website I have some catching up to do in the posting department.  Lots of catching up.

It’s a known fact in our home that I am madly in love with the fall season.  The pumpkin patches, the crisp weather, freshly sharpened pencils and erasers the color of bubble gum, you name and I love it!   This idea of a vintage school themed session had been manifesting itself in my mind for some time.  And what a better way to celebrate to the season than a styled school session?!  My client, Sarah, was completely on board with this fun idea and could not wait to get her kiddos in front of the camera for it.  The exciting part was she has a bookshelf full of vintage books.  When I met up with her at  her home to go over the kids’ wardrobe she introduced me to her vintage book collection.  SWOON!  Most of the elements are mine, with the addition of Sarah’s fabulous vintage books.  PJ at Milk Glass Vintage Rentals kindly lent me her dottie desk for the session.  The name banners were a little something that I whipped up for the kids. 

 For this session I had the perfect location in mind.  While bouncing ideas around I knew that in addition to the styled elements an older school was essential.  And it just so happens that I know of a historic one-room school house.  I love this old white building.  It even has a bell on top.  This place is a little slice of history!

 Thanks again Josiah, Katrina, Hudson, and Sarah!  It is always a joy to photograph you all!


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