Amelia’s Bridal Shower {Sneak Peak} ~ Events ~ Dublin, CA

Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Amelia and Jose’s engagement portraits.  Well, her bridal shower was finally upon us and I was there to capture every moment of it.  Such a joy to watch her surrounded by so many family members and friends as she begins to prepare for this new journey in life.  Thank you for asking me to be a part of it Amelia!

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Paige & Jason ~ Children’s Portraits ~ Sycamore Grove

There is a special quality when it comes to living in a close-knit community.  Everyone you meet has some sort of connection to someone you already know.  Turns out most strangers are simply friends you haven’t yet met.

This was the case with Melissa, Paige and Jason’s mom.  Not only does her daughter attend the same school as my daughter, Maddie, but she is in the same class as our friends’ son, and another friend of ours is her teacher.  In addition to all of this she lives down the street from another family we know.  After several emails we did not discover we shared these common links until we met in person.  I always find it funny how life brings people together.  What a pleasant surprise to discover more friendly faces at Maddie’s school and in our small community!

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{Bailey & Nolan} * Children’s Photography * Sycamore Grove

When I say these kids two are pretty awesome I am not exaggerating.  Bailey and Nolan are two of the kindest and most thoughtful children I have ever met.  Kudos to both of their parents for raising two great kids.  I am sure they do not get along 100% of the time, after all they are siblings.  But spend a little time with them and you will quickly notice the loving bond they share.  Bailey is a natural mother hen full of nurturing gestures.  And Nolan looks up to her in that tender way that little brothers do, but won’t admit if you ask them.  As an only child I love watching this dynamic in action.  I find this bond between siblings not only fascinating, but incredibly endearing as well.  Someone who knows you, knows your history.

Although the session was mostly about the kids, Mom wanted to hop into a few photos.  Like a lot of moms out there, she is often behind the camera and has few photographs of her with her kids.  We felt this would be the perfect opportunity to remedy that.  I am so glad we were able to get some of the three of them.  As a fellow mom, I know those rare photos with the kids are such a treasure.


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Dionne, Alie, & Eric {Bay Area Family Portraits}

Hard to believe I have known Dionne, Alie, and Eric for over a decade now.  I am constantly surprised by how fast time goes and how quickly the years add up.  These three lovely people are the cousins of my daughter and her father.  In our household we have our own unique “modern family”.  My husband and I are lucky to have a close friendship with my ex.  We all co-parent our daughter,  Maddie, together.  As a result, his family is my family.  Therefore when his cousins called asking if I would consider photographing their sibling portrait for their parents and grandparents I felt quite honored.

It was so nice to be with Dionne, Alie, and Eric all at the same time.  As everyone gets older and has more responsibilities it becomes increasingly more challenging for us all to be in the same place at the same time.  So to have all four of us together at one place was such a joy.  Gave us plenty of time to chat and catch up in addition to capturing some portraits.

We had a last minute change of plans due to wind.  The four of us had planned a beautiful park setting for their session.  Unfortunately the day of there was a nasty wind storm.  Knowing this would never work I suggested an equally beautiful location.  A historic home that not only provided ample protection from the wind, but was also a lovely setting for these three siblings.


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