Mike, Dallas, River, & Lily {Engagement Session}

Mike and Dallas have got to be one of the sweetest couples I have ever met.  It was such a pleasure watching the connection between these two.  I was not surprised to find out they have known eachother since middle school as they have such an ease with one another.  They are so easy to be around and chat with.  Mike and Dallas, you two made my job a complete joy!

For our session together they brought along “the girls”, River and Lily, their two adopted fur babies.  I love it when people include their dogs.  When the dogs tag along the family is complete.  It took a little while before I finally figured out how to get both dogs to look at the camera at the same time.  After a little while I learned to call Lily’s name and both dogs would look.  Lily,because I had called her name, and River most likely because she wondered whyI didn’t call her name.  There is so much bad press out there regarding Pitt Bulls and Pit Bull mixes.  But I am here to say that River is an shining example of what kind dogs they can be in a warm and loving home.

We decided on a barn location after a couple emails.  Mike and Dallas are very laid back people and we all wanted a location that was a reflection of their laid-back style.  I find it very important that a couple choose a location that they are not only comfortable in, but one that is also a direct representation of them. And I am always game for any location that is old, has a story to tell, and full of texture.

May you two have a wonderful wedding and a lifetime of happiness!  I cannot think of a sweeter couple that deserve it!




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DallasMay 2, 2012 - 11:44 am

Thank you! You are so wonderful! I’m so excited you can do our wedding! YAAAAY!

Rob, Catrina, Tyler, & Sam {Family Session}

This was one of my favorite sessions hands down.  So emotional, so touching.  It will live forever in my memory.  Tyler, this adorably sweet young man, all of four years old was diagnosed with cancer.  As a parent I am not really sure how you deal with that diagnosis, how you explain it to your child, or how you prepare them for a cure that has the potential to make them sicker than the actual illness.  My heart broke for them.  Not out of pity, but out of empathy.  As parents we all love our children more than life itself.  It is a love that only your fellow parent comrades understand.

After a year of aggressive treatment and no doubt a lot of heartache, Mom wanted to end it on a positive note.  A happy memory to cherish.  A co-worker of hers brought us together shortly before Christmas.  To be honest, come hell or high water I was going to make this happen for them.

And then there I was, getting a glimpse of their lives, their love for their children, and their strength to endure truly one of life’s most monumental challenges.  I was thankful for this glimpse into the life of one truly amazing family.  Thankful that they chose me to come into their home, their sacred space to capture a little slice of their life.  Here were these two little kids.  Just sitting in the doorway, having a moment.  And there was my heart, in a big, melted puddle on the floor…


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Jeremy, Teisha, Julian, & Pippi {Holiday Session & Card Design}

Love this family, love this kid, and now I love their dog.  For their first official family Christmas photo Teisha wanted their Schnoodle, Pippi to join in the family fun.  After meeting Pippi I think Julian has some competition in the adorable department.  She is quite the precious pooch!

Every time I photograph Jeremey, Teisha, and Julian I am moved by how devoted Mom and Dad are to their son.  I admire them for that.  Navigating through parenthood is never an easy task.  There are lots of runny noses, dirty diapers, and toddler tantrums.  Yet Jeremy and Teisha take it all in stride.  I often catch Jeremy just staring at Julian, so amazed and enraptured.  Always makes my heart melt.  Like all first time moms, I think Teisha was surprised at how deep and all-encompassing her love for Julian was.  As a mom myself, I can attest to how nothing ever really prepares you for how intense your love for your child is.  It’s as if they have their tiny little fist wrapped around your soul.  Every day is an adventure for Teisha and Jeremy when it comes to Julian.

I look forward to many future sessions with Jeremy, Teisha, Julian, and Pippi.  It has been such a joy to not only have them as clients, but to also develop a friendship and watch Julian grow into the adorable little dude he is.

Here are their photos and the Christmas card I designed for them.  Enjoy!

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