Hey there! I'm Yvette & I am so happy to meet you!

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Confession: I love to create beautiful images, and I love to make people happy. To be honest, I am not sure what I love more, creating the images or the joy the images instill in the people I photograph.  As clichéd as it sounds, everyone deserves to have an amazing photograph. Whether it is you solo, with your dog, your partner, or your family, you should have that opportunity. We all have felt the sting of a bad picture. For my bad photos you need to look no further than grades seven through eleven. In their simplest terms they are just plain b-a-d. But the power of a good photo is nothing short of magical! It is amazing how a great photo can make us feel as if we can conquer the world. It is that feeling I think everyone should get to experience. The thing is, life has taught me that my parents were correct when they said beauty comes from within. It is my goal to capture the inner beauty we all possess in addition to what the world sees on the outside. That inherent quality that makes you “you”, from that twinkle in your eye to the way your laughter fills a room with joy. These are the qualities that people love about you, and the traits they cherish. And it is these qualities that years from now, when you look at your photo will make you smile. Because it’s life, it’s real, it’s YOU. Throughout the years I have learned we all have a story to tell. It’s these stories and your inner beauty that fascinate me. So don’t be surprised if I during our session we chat, or if we laugh, if I ask your kids to tell you a story, or if I ask you to dance. It’s our time to sit down, get to know one another, and forget the outside world. Think of me as a friend you just met. I am not here to take your picture, I am here to tell your story.

Here's a five random facts about me so we can get to know one another better:

1. Although my name is Yvette my favorite titles are wife and mom.  I am a wife and mom to two kids, two dogs, three chickens. There's a lot going on over here.  I like to think of it as controlled chaos.

2. I have an obsession with travel.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have an incurable  case of wanderlust. I may need a twelve step program for my addiction to travel. Almost all of my bucket list items relate to a destination.  These include seeing all 50 states and every national park in the United States. To achieve this goal I take my kids on a two week road trip every summer.  Some of my favorite road trips have been the Pacific Northwest, South Dakota, and Yellowstone.

3. Nature is my jam. Whether it is a hike, wandering a forest, or gardening in our backyard. I want to be outdoors when I am not in front of my computer, sweeping up dog hair, or cleaning up after my tribe.  This is why I am passionate about doing photo sessions outside rather than in studio. There is so much loveliness to found in the nature. This is a trait I attribute to my grandma who taught me that beauty is everywhere.  And you know what?  She was right.

4. I write a travel blog (see?  I told you I had an addiction to travel!)  prefer to share real stories of our time on the road from the bickering to the hugs and everything in between.  Check us out:  That Nature Family. Hopefully we will make you laugh and want to visit someplace new.

5. I am a self proclaimed bibliophile.  The only infatuation that comes close to travel and nature is my love of books. The smell of paper as I walk into a book store, the feel of the pages as I flip through the text, and the tap of my finger tips as I run them along the spines while strolling down the aisles. It is my happy place. My favorite books are The Book Thief, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Poisonwood Bible, East of Eden, Beartown, and To Kill a Mockingbird. 

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