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Q:  How do I book a portrait session or event photography services?

A:  Head on over to the tab that says “contact”, give it a click, type in your information including the date(s) you are interested in, and let’s chat. I love hearing from people and making new friends!

Q:  Do you require a contract and deposit?

A:  Yes. A nonrefundable retainer of 50% is required to secure your date and time for both full length and mini sessions. I accept PayPal and Venmo for the session retainer. The remaining balance is due the day of your session and can be paid with PayPal, Venmo, cash, or check. The exception to this are my twice a year mini session specials which must be paid in full at the time of booking due to their reduced price and limited availability.

Q:  What if I need to reschedule?

A:  Illnesses and emergencies happen. Please contact me a minimum of 24 hours before your session time if you need to reschedule. Your nonrefundable retainer will be applied to your rescheduled session if it is booked within 60 days of your original date. If we need to reschedule due heavy rain or hazardous air conditions as a result of forest fires I will contact you and work with you to reschedule.

Q:  What should we wear?

A:  Ten years of photographing people and this is by far my most common question! In fact, I still struggle with clothes when it comes to my own family’s sessions. Here are some tried and true tips for choosing clothing for your session: Avoid logos and embrace patterns. Layers also work really well because they add texture. Choose a color palette of three to four colors and stick with it. Pinterest is a great tool for finding colors you like. Accessories and layers are a useful way of incorporating your pallette’s colors into your wardrobe. Coordinate clothes, but don’t all wear the same thing. A little variety is good! Wear clothes that are not only comfortable, but that you can move in. Kids want the freedom to wiggle and stiff clothes can leave them grumpy. Heels may work for some photos, but bring a second pair of shoes. We are in nature where the ground is uneven, little ones like to run, and wearing high heels can be difficult to wear as a result. Text me! Once you book your session and start pulling clothes feel free to text me photos if you need assistance or advice.

Q:  What type of editing do you do?

A:  I have a clean and classic style of editing that I have developed over the years. I do not follow Photoshop and Lightroom trends because I don’t want your images to look dated five, ten years down the road. In addition to my editing style I remove unwanted/distracting elements from the background (such a telephone pole or power lines), color correction, contrast, and sharpening. I don’t airbrush, get rid of wrinkles, or anything along those lines. We are all individually beautiful and I want to celebrate that!

Q:  Can we bring our dog?

A:  As a dog owner I completely recognize that fur babies are part of the family. Therefore they are welcome to join you for part of your portrait session. Here are a few suggestions I have to successfully incorporate them into your session. Give your pet pooch a nice long walk prior to your session. This will help get his or her wiggles out. They should know how to sit and stay or wait so he or she can “pose” for the camera. Arrive a little early to your session to walk your dog around. This will give them time to smell their surroundings. Dogs are fascinated by allllllll the smells when they visit a place. Bring treats to reward their good behavior. One final tip is to bring along a  friend or family member who can sit with your dog when they're done with the session.

Q:  How long will it take to get my photos?

A:  Turn around time on portrait sessions is two weeks and three to four weeks for event photography. When your gallery is ready you will receive an email with your gallery link.

Q:  Can we edit our photos?

A:  The short answer is no. When you hire me to photograph your family, your child, or your event I assume it is because you have seen my work, enjoy my style of photography, and see it as an investment into preserving your family's memories. Each of your photos is skillfully edited to reflect the style of photography that I have carefully curated over the years. You wouldn't hire someone to paint a portrait of your family and then paint on the artist's finished work. If there is a specific image from your gallery that you would like to have in black and white please let me know.

Q:  Why is photography so expensive?

A:  There is a lot behind the scenes that goes into photography pricing. First and foremost is the time and talent of the photographer. This includes their years of experience and educated skillset. I have ten years of photography experience and a graphic design education. Our session is just the beginning of the investment of time spent on your images. After your session I spend a lot of time culling and editing your images. In addition to experience I focus on continuing my education through classes because it is important to stay fresh and keep learning new things from posing to photography techniques to editing. There is also the cost of running a business. When it comes to your portrait session think of it as an investment. I am capturing a moment in your life that will be cherished and looked at for years to come.

Q:  Do you supply any props?

A:  I typically bring along a blanket or other items to sit on, but if there is something special you would like to incorporate into your session feel free to bring it. I have had clients bring balloons, a cherished toy, etc. For seniors I often suggest bringing props that are symbolic to them and this moment in their lives. It could be a piece of sporting equipment, a letterman jacket, a musical instrument, a stack of your favorite books, or even their car. Seniors, these images are a representation of where you are at this exciting time in your life!

Q:  What time of day do you prefer to photograph people?

A:  My favorite time of day is what is known as the “golden hour”. This is the last hour in the day before the sun sets. The lighting is just dreamy! It is warm and soft, there are no garish color casts, and shadows are long and as opposed to the harsh mid-day shadows. Early morning, during the first two hours after the sun has risen, also produce beautiful light. I understand that these times can be difficult, but trust me, the results are absolutely worth it! The exception to these times are lifestyle sessions that are done inside your home. 

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